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August 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Changing the Focus, LLC

At Changing the Focus, LLC, we excel at working with small and mid size organizations that value their employees. Our clients often ask about our learning process. We engage each employee in a productive and positive manner.

We offer three service areas which are tightly intertwined and create significnat results. We'll outline them for you below.

We offer three service areas which are tightly intertwined and create results. We'll outline them for you below.

The Three Services Offer Our Clients

Our specific and tailored approach may change client to client but our core elements always remain the same.
Our years of experience allow our professional business consultants to deliver exceptional results that will improve your business from the inside out.

1. Leadership

Your business needs effecctive leadership to thrive and guide your employees through your day to day operations. It starts with your senior staff, and itmoves down through your management to your front line employees. Our business consultants come to your business and work with each tier of your staff to teach them the essential leadership skills that they can use to guide them successfuly to success.

Essential leadership skills that we help with include:

  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to give positive feedback
  • How to receive feedback
  • The importance of building trust
  • Professional responsibility

When every tier of your business learns these strategies, it opens the lines of communication and builds up a supportive environment where your staff want to do well and stay in their positions.

2. Positive Change

Change can be scary in a business, no matter how large or small, fast or slow it is implemented.

If a process isn't working as it should, it will cause negativity to ripple out across your organization.

We will teach your employees how to make positive changes in your workspace to help increase everyone's productivity levels. Positive changes can improve your overall morale and culture.

Positive change can impact your business in both the long and short-term. You should notice immediate changes in your processes and employees once you implement the changes. The long-term effects of positive change can help to improve your bottom line. 

3. Emotional Intelligence

The final area we work on with our clients is developing more emotional intelligence. Having a high level of emotional intelligence in a business setting is very important because you can find yourself in a lot of high-stress situations.

When emotions run high and you don't have control over them, it can cause arguments, more stress, and low employee morale. Developing emotional intelligence can lead to calmer teams, more efficient processes, and more.

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