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    We strive to be the most effective consulting firm on Leadership, Positive Change, and Emotional Intelligencer. We work with organizations that value their people, and wish to engage them positively and effectively, delivering solid and measurable results.

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    We always reflect the highest ethical and professional standards. We continually learn and grow, and stay on the leading edge in our fields of expertise. In every relationship we seek to build an atmosphere of cooperative interaction, which will result in positive growth and success for everyone.

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    We consistently apply our core values and competencies of engagement, inclusion, positive change, and insightful leadership. We deliver keynotes, consulting, coaching and trainings. Everything we do will move our clients aligning thier goals with the least stress and the most positive results.

How We Work:

We are committed to being the most effective consulting firm addressing Culture, Leadership, Positive Change. Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, and Succession.

We offer the ability for you and your staff to benefit from our decades of experience while at the same time creating a process that will be successful at all levels.

We delve more deeply, beyond simply ‘’what to do’’ or even, ‘’how to do.’’

We work with our clients as individuals, departments and divisions to understand ‘’why we do’’ and show them on an emotional level how their contributions are critical to the success of the entire organization.

We advance people from "thinking" about work to "experiencing" work, which creates a dramatically higher level of engagement, commitment and motivation across the entire organization.

The Daily Six
Six simple steps to find the perfect balance of prosperity and purpose

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Does Your Organization Struggle With ?
  • Unclear organizational strategy, vision and/or mission, or you have no plan for implementation?
  • Weak leadership skills and poor management programs?
  • Wasting creative energy, time, talent and resources?
  • Lack of motivation and praise necessary to strengthen individual connection and inclusion?
  • Poor communication skills creating significant decreases in engagement and optimism?
  • Projects and people not linked to core organizational goals?
Towers Watson and Thomson Reuters. Canada Ltd. Global Workforce Study of 32,000 employees globally show that employees who believe their companies are high performers deliver sustainable engagment scores 16% higher than overall country norms. Specifically, Canadians showed more than 67% of workers admitted they were not fully engaged and were frustrated by insufficient support.
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    Our Focus

    For over 20 years we have created and delivered world-class programs to engage, connect and include employees across the organization.

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    Our Belief

    When we focus on the success of others, our own success is assured.
    Let us help you work to re-engage, re-focus and re-energize your people!

Three Keys To Success
Our groundbreaking research into the integration of the intellectual and emotional parts of the brain alloes us to offer effective programs that will instill positive change in our client’s organization.

Each of our holisitc programs strengthens talent while improving vital systems and processes.
We define, design, and develop the programs that build upon the strengths of our clients.
We provide the necessary tools necessary to accomplish our client’s goals including workshops, webinars, speaking, coaching and assessment testing.

  • 1. Permanet Positive - Change

    Using The Daily Six to establish a
    Culture of Trust and Success.

  • 2. Strategic Direction

    Change in Depth. Devise, Communicate and Implement Effective Organizational Strategy.

  • 3. Insightful Leadership

    Balancing Emotion with Knowledge. Deliver Leaders who Engage and Motivate.

Our Value
Connecting Thought and Emotion

The development of a vibrant culture energizes the entire organization.

Whether you are a corporation, institution, government agency or a nonprofit, we will provide programs that foster positive, open communication, maximize return on investment for each employee, and build powerful stakeholder relationships throughout the organization.

The resulting sense of connection, personal growth and optimism will permeate every level of the organization, thereby bolstering productivity, reducing stress, absenteeism and turnover.

Over 45 years of experience has shown that a well-focused, well- trained and well-positioned workforce will deliver the desired ROI.

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Kind Words From Clients
Read why our clients trust and rely on us for exceptional business strategies

I would like to thank you for your help with the workshop. It was a very good course and the program was customized just for us, which was very helpful. The knowledge I gained is very helpful in my position as Chairman of Department of Medicine. I also enjoyed your presentation style and I appreciate the information and particularly the specific advice and guidance you offered us during discussions. Your assistance has been invaluable during this process.

 Hamad Al Ashgar, MD
Consultant Hepatologist

Please accept our sincere thanks for your contribution to the 2011 American Bus Marketplace. Your program was rated 9.3 out of ten. 

We received comments such as “John’s techniques helped us feel better being in control of our own leadership situations”; “Wonderful, truly made me think. One of my favorites of the conference.” and “This was a great seminar. I wish it could’ve lasted longer. I could’ve used another two hours of John’s advice.” 

We certainly enjoyed having you and would like to have you speak at Marketplace again in the future.

Lynn M. Brewer
Sr. Vice President, Meetings, Education and Member Services

The Daily Six is a fabulous formula for true success and happiness. It teaches us to change our focus to the vital few rather than the trivial many 

Dr. Tony Alessandra
Author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma

I just finished reading The Daily Six. I am on a vacation in Cancun, Mexico with Barry and some friends and I have pulled myself away from them whenever possible to enjoy each chapter. Or rather, savor each chapter! I guess my favorite part came at the end where you list the Others-First Actions and the Me-First Actions and I intend to put these into affect immediately. 

I cannot tell you how much this book resonates for me and how much I appreciate each page filled with your candor and humility. Talk about gratitude! I am grateful for this book. It is a wonderful read and a perfectly perfect and profound body of work. 

Thank you for sharing it with me! 

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We engage an organization’s employees, teams, departments and divisions to enhace communication, connection and inclusion.

We do this by establishing systems, feedback and programs that enable your people to quickly respond to emerging changes and opportunities in today’s rapidly changing business climate. 

Your people will act and react more positively, productive and profitably. We are ready to help and support you and your organization. 

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